Otomi Tile

20th May 2015

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I don’t write about Otomi patterns and trends that often, even though I’m kind of completely obsessed with the pattern (but you already knew this about me, didn’t you!). I always feel a great sense of joy and respect whenever I see Otomi embroidered fabric – which is meticulously hand embroidered by the indigenous people in central Mexico.

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When I came across this Otomi Tile the other day (via Design*Sponge), my heart skipped a beat! I mean look at this beautiful handcrafted encaustic tile by Grow House Grow!!!! The gorgeous pattern pays homage to the brilliant embroidered fabric of the Otomi people and it comes in a beautiful array of custom colors. I’m saving my pennies to use this somewhere in my own house, hopefully someday soon! These Otomi Tiles can be used indoors or outdoors and suitable for the floor or wall – making these tiles very versatile. Be on the look out for these tiles in the coming year, I bet they are going to be used by a lot of designers for their graphicness, natural look, and color. Would you be bold enough to use these in your home?

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Stair Runners

11th May 2015


Stair runners seem to be popping up everywhere… in every magazine and every home tour online. I love how people are using them to add color, texture, and pattern to their home. The above stair runner is a patchwork collection of kilim rugs sewn together. Suddenly running up and down stairs with a load of laundry isn’t so boring after all!

I love Dash and Albert Stair Runner Rugs… they are durable, well designed, and there are so many options! And if you are into doing a little DIY project, Design Sponge has an awesome tutorial on how-to install a stair-runner yourself! Let’s peruse a few of my favorite stair runners lately, shall we?






Paule Marrot’s Feathers

7th May 2015

interior designer,(source)

One of my all-time favorite artists is Paule Marrot. She was a french textile designer whose work can now be found at Natural Curiosities. Her Feathers textile with whimsical birds and feathers floating on a soft pink textile is simply gorgeous – and doesn’t it work so well in different settings?! Its really a piece of art that can move around your home and brighten any space! Isn’t it gorgeous?!

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 10.43.15 AM

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 10.28.51 AM

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Los Altos Home Tour

27th April 2015

cecyjinteriors.hometour2When I opened this month’s California Home + Design magazine, I fell in LOVE with this Los Altos home, designed by Cecy J Interiors. Its perfectly casual and sophisticated at the same time. Modern and traditional. Warm and elegant.

My FAVORITE room of the house is that gorgeous dining room above!! I mean look at that Lindsey Adelman light fixture paired with the Phillip Jeffries navy grasscloth wallpaper!!! And the gorgeous artwork casually leaning above the built ins. Here are some more gorgeous photos of this lovely home tour… which is your favorite room in the house?









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Eames Molded Plastic Chairs

22nd April 2015

eames molded plastic chair 2

If there is such thing as being in love with a chair, I think I’ve found the one. The Eames Molded Plastic Chair with wooden dowel legs has caught my attention lately. Although, I’m not sure lately is the right word to use – this chair was designed in 1950!!! Yes 65 years ago!!!!! And it still look fabulous. Its sturdy, comfortable, easy on the eyes, pairs beautifully in a variety of decors and tables, and easy to clean! I love the one with the wood base as it looks a little warmer and sturdier than the wire base counterpart. You can buy the real-deal Eames Molded Plastic Chair here! And if you are looking for a less expensive version, there is an awesome one here!

molded plastic chair 9(source)

eames molded plastic chair 1

eames molded plastic chair 3

molded plastic chairs 10

molded plastic chairs 6

molded plastic chair 8

molded plastic chair 5

molded plastic chair 4