Weekend Link List September 19th, 2014

19th September 2014


Hey everyone! I hope you have an awesome weekend!!! Here are some fun links from around the web that I thought you might be interested in! xo

Oh man, these are beautiful fabrics!

Interesting interview with Jason Wu about his workspace.

Obsessed with this house tour – totally livable, don’t you think?

Going on an international trip? Get this.

Love this blog post about career tips!


Best of NYFW 2015 Street Style – Mom Edition

18th September 2014

mother and daughter nyfw(source)

As I mentioned last Friday, I was going to do a round up of all my favorite street style looks from SS 15 NYFW this week. I had all sorts of gorgeous outfits ready to go – but then I figured, I actually wasn’t even that inspired by them! (WHAT, really?!) My life (and wardrobe) has just changed so much since I’ve had a baby, I couldn’t relate to the looks I pulled anymore. But then I started noticing some pictures of mothers with their children during fashion week – and I found THAT inspiring. Check out all these fabulous mamas looking great and doing their thing… with their children in tow. xo

chic mom and child nyfw(source)


Mara Hoffman - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2015

And this one still counts, right?!otomihome street style nyfw(source)

Artist Series: Samantha Cisneros of Shapes & Colors Textiles

17th September 2014

shapes and colors otomihome 5

Samantha Cisneros of Shapes & Colors is a San Francisco based artist making really awesome textiles. Her bright and colorful patterns are used on pillows, napkins, tea towels, and bags. And I’m pleased to be able to introduce Samantha to you on the blog today!

shapes and colors otomihome 2

How did you become an artist? What was your training?
Making is something I’ve been doing my whole life. My grandmother taught me how to sew when I was eight year old, and thats when my fascination for fabric and textile objects came to be. I graduated from college a few years ago with a degree in Textile Design, and I’ve been making under the label “Shapes & Colors Textiles” ever since. 

What are you working on right now?
Right now I’m working on some new designs for  fall & winter. There’s something about bringing bright, bold colors, and shapes into gloomy winter that really inspires me and makes me want to get to work!

shapes and colors otomihome 3

shapes and colors otomihome 6

Where do you do your work from?
We live in the Outer Sunset of San Francisco, and that enables us to have a nicely sized home studio to work from. Half of our downstairs studio is an office, and the other half is an (almost) comprehensive printing workshop – including a textile dryer, yardage table, printing press and all the art supplies you could think of. It’s out best set up yet.

shapes and colors otomihomeWho or what is inspiring you right now?
Right now I’m really inspired by the Botanical Gardens in Golden Gate Park, the Women of the Bauhaus movement, and Miles Davis’ album “Ascenseur pour l’echafaud”.

What are you the most proud of?
I’m most proud of my darling, sweet, little boy Nico :) He is by far the coolest thing I’ve ever made.

shapes and colors otomihome 4What is your most prized piece of art in your home?
My husband has this really amazing Shepard Fairey piece that he purchased before we got together, and it’s my favorite piece of art in our home. It’s an image of a woman with the words “Make Art, Not War”. Everything about it is just right.

Thank you Samantha for a great interview! You can check out her work on her website or etsy shop!

(All photos are courtesy of Samantha Cisneros)

Pale Pink Walls

16th September 2014

pink otomihome 5(source)

Y’all know I’m no stranger to talking about pink (like here, here, and here). But I just can’t stop thinking about painting a room pale pink right now. I think this post over on a Cup of Jo inspired my lust for pale pink. It looks especially good with hits of black (one of these would be perfect in a pale pink room) and white to make it feel modern. What do you think – would you do it?

pink otomihome 1(source)

pink otomihome 3

pink otomihome 2

pink otomihome 4

pink otomihome 6(source)

The Best List: Architect’s Task Lamps

15th September 2014

task lamps otomihome(source)

Welcome to yet another edition of The Best List. I’m loving these industrial looking architect’s task lamps right now – especially in a bedroom. They have such angular lines, are functional, and so classic – they can work into pretty much any decor. And on top of it all, there are good options in every budget. I’ve been on the hunt for new side table lamps in our bedroom, and I’m considering a set of these. I’m especially LOVING the Rejuvenation Grandview Task Lamp with JUST a touch of copper – soooo pretty! Which one is your fave?

the best list architects task lamps otomihome1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5