Shiplap Entryways

23rd October 2014

 shiplap entry 1(source)

My little Jack has croup right now, poor little guy. He’s pretty good about the whole situation (and sleeping through the night!) but we’re trying to take it easy so he can get some extra rest. I’ve been pinning my little heart out this week as he’s taking naps on me in the glider. I’ve been pinning a lot of shiplap entryways lately. This kind of wall has a nice texture to it and is a nice transition from outside to inside, don’t you think?

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shiplap entry 2(source)

shiplap entry 3(source)

shiplap entry 4

shiplap entry 6(source)

Color Trends: Glossy Blue

21st October 2014

Glossy blue, I’ve been excited about it since I read this awesome post from Elle Decor on color trends for 2015. It really inspired me to start thinking about glossy blue. Deep or royal blue is such a powerful color, however it can be kind of dark and moody if you use matte paint. Adding a lacquer finish, makes these blues have a reflective quality which instantly brightens.

Today, I’m also THRILLED to be guest blogging over at Simplified Bee, where you can read about another color trend of 2015, OLIVE GREEN!!!! Go check it out and then come back here to get inspired by glossy blue…

This deep glossy hue looks amazing with a velvet sofa and a bright piece of art…glossy blue 4(source)

This office has lots of white accents to pop off of the glossy walls…glossy blue 1

Love this lacquered builtin with a monochromatic color palette… glossy blue 8

Painting the trim in the same glossy color as the walls makes the space look larger…glossy blue 6

Wow, what a jolt of color, the artwork is beautifully framed by the bright blue walls…glossy blue 3

And lacquered paint is not just for walls and builtins, it looks amazing in this room on the dining table and chairs…
glossy blue 7

And one of my all time favorite entryways, this shiny blue door paired with yellow toile wallpaper is an instant classic…
glossy blue 9

Which one is your favorite? Would you dare to use a shade of glossy blue in your home?

Artist Series: Emily Jeffords

20th October 2014

TotheStillness8x10 emily jeffords

Emily Jeffords is an artist who creates gorgeous impressionistic landscape paintings, out of Greenville, SC. I’m thrilled to have Emily on the blog today as part of the Otomi Home Artist Series. She speaks about how she able to beautifully balance her work and be a mother of two. I love the way she uses soft colors and light throughout her paintings. Here is Emily’s interview…

emily jeffords 5  How did you become an artist? What was your training?
I grew up in a home that seriously encouraged creativity.  In fact, I was on track to become a musician rather than an artist for quite a while!  Even though I though music was going to be my career, creating artwork with my hands felt the same as playing the violin or piano – both expressed something within me I couldn’t say with words.   However, while music said those words and took them out of me, art not only spoke, but also filled me up – energizing and exciting me.  Art made me curious.  I graduated with my BA in fine art and dove right in to life as an artist.  Working, selling, making, doing things a little differently than the norm… 

What are you working on right now?
I am currently painting my little fingers off, getting ready for the holiday shopping season (artwork is always a good gift)!  Along with that, I have a HUGE commissioned canvas (120×60 in) on my wall that is always calling my name.  Actually, I have commissioned painting from now until next June if you can believe that!  

emily jeffords emily jeffords7Where do you do your work from?
I work out of a lovely studio in Greenville, SC called the White Whale Studios & Gallery

Who or what is inspiring you right now?
While I paint, I find that colors inspire me endlessly.  The way they compliment or contrast each other, the weight of the textures and colors, the warm + cool tones…. there are endless possibilities and I’ve made it my job to try to explore them all.
I have learned (the hard way) that inspiration is a something you can control – or at least set up for success.  Curiosity.  Just having a mindset of wonder does magical things to your creativity.  That and rest.  Which I get very little of, so I just resort to curiosity + coffee.  ;)   

MorningBlooms1sm emily jeffords harvestSun2 emily jeffordsWhat are you the most proud of?
My daughters.  Hands down.  But professionally, I am most proud of the moments I carve out to spend time painting – regardless of the outcome.  That is a daily fight and it goes against cultural norms and is rarely easy, but it is precious and needed in my life.   It means I sacrifice in other ways, but I’m proud to own those sacrifices if it means I am able to be who I want and need to be.  

emily jeffords 11

What is your most prized piece of art in your home? What is the story behind it?
My girls come to the studio with me quite often.  While there they have free reign of the watercolor paints, colored pencils, crayons… whatever they need to create.  There is a wall in the studio that is tiled with my personal favorite “girl paintings” – the ones that somehow uniquely convey their sweet thoughts and creativity.
I think if the building were burning down I would try to snatch everything off that wall before anything else.  ;)
emily jeffords 9

Thank you, Emily, for such a lovely interview! You can find Emily Jefford’s work on her website, etsy shop, minted, and west elm. Her instagram account is also must see!

(All photos courtesy of Emily Jeffords)

Weekend Link List: October 17th, 2014

17th October 2014


Is Fall FINALLY here? It was cold enough to ACTUALLY wear real shoes this week (instead of the usual flip flops), so I am officially going to declare that autumn is here. Here are some fun links from around the web this week…

I’m guest blogging over at Scout & Nimble today, check out one of my favorite colors!

I adore Biscuit home, and this little video makes me love it even more!

Wow, loving this blue paint palette.

Some of the best tips I’ve seen on making a small space look bigger.

I’d like to wear this super cute dress with these booties!

This is right up my alley and I kinda want to move in!

And awesome DIY tips for your fireplace.

The 10 Best Kids Rooms

16th October 2014

the 10 best kids rooms

Kids rooms. The thought of a little kids room decor can be totally scary. Power rangers, teenage mutant ninja turtles, legos, or dolls everywhere. Or they can be awesome, case in point, these adorable kids rooms. The decor in these rooms are perfect for the littles (nothing sticky fingers can’t touch in here!) but also are easy on the eyes. Let’s check out the 10 best kids rooms shall we?

A whole collection of airplanes. And ample toy storage…airplanes boys room 1

Maybe my all time fave kids room…colorful boys room 9

A shared space that’s light and bright…new york boys room 7

I’m digging the wide stripe walls and layered up rugs…ship boys room 5

Awesome storage and use of color in this room…mobile boys rooms 2

love the colorful antlers and vintage furniture…LA boys room 8(source)

ah-mazing high ceilings and wallpaper…kids room 1.4

I love me some otomi pattern (duh!)…kids room 1.3

Bold wallpaper and an adorable elephant…The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

And last but not least, this colorful and eclectic little room…kid room 1.1

Which one is your favorite? What other kids rooms are out there that I missed?